24 August 2014

Going Cultural...Bringing Recipes to the Family Tree

This site first began as a means to stimulate my own desire to keep my passion for the simple and yet, complex love of Danish openface sandwiches, 'Smørrebrød'. In Danish, this word is pronounced: [ˈsmɶɐ̯ɐˌb̥ʁœðˀ]...
imagine puckering your lips for a kiss and you'll soon learn how to say this word. 

New beginnings always are initiated by creative suggestions...either from an idea within or from others. This idea comes from Birthe Mylius Grønvold Kroman on Facebook after I made a post to one of my genealogy groups, Danish Genealogy - entitled:
Food Genealogy...or How to Rediscover your Gastronomic Heritage:  
Any real Dane knows that over food and drink family is discussed. This is one of the first places as a child that I learned more of my family tree. Our Bedstefar/grandfather would share family stories (he passed on a fan style family tree to me that was the basis for my research) while our Bedstemor/grandmother served us the best of authentic Danish food. Following her death, I inherited her recipe collection that included ones she had collected from others.If anyone is interested in their food heritage I can look them up for you. Both she and my mother were amazing cooks...and not-to-mention my second cousin who is the danish chef claus meyer. I also have page where you can ask these questions.
This post stimulated many a discussion and then, Birthe suggested I share this post with the many genealogy groups that we belong to on Facebook.
Thus, a new beginning will be launched in conjunction with my Topless Bread Facebook page to reach and to interact with those who are researching their Danish genealogy. 

These new post will be called 'Cultural Heritage' and will be reposted to the various genealogy groups that I belong to on Facebook. This will allow a nice means to enlighten those chasing their ancestors with some food in the form of recipes that were once part of their family heritage. 

I look forward to sharing old recipes that I have inherited. They include many that were handed down to them from other family members. If I don't possess the ones you request, I'll look them up for you and translate as needed for you. I'll do my best to assist.

Please note that due to my chronic neck pain that I will only be able to post these recipes and not show you step-by-step photos on how to make them...as I am currently physically limited due to my injury.

Facebook...Danish Genealogy Groups:
Genealogisk Forum
Danish American Genealogy

Here is to your added adventure of learning more about your past via the kitchen.
: )

15 July 2014

UPDATE: Where has the year gone?!?

Dear Followers,
Still trying to put humor into getting my health back to resume posting...most of my postings these days are limited to simple ones on my Topless Bread Facebook page with an occasional ToplessBread tweet.

Living with chronic occipital neuralgia is like a day-to-day roller coaster of unknown turns throughout the day.

Hoping to return here soon with full feature ones. 
Thank you for your support and patience. 

Karen : )

24 December 2013

24 Days of Danish Christmas : 24 : Ris a l'amande / Almond Rice Pudding

Part of the special ending to every Danish Christmas Eve dinner is the dessert. 
This is no mere simple dessert that one simply eats and then, says thank you. 
Oh no, this one entails complete participation. 
What makes this dessert special is 'the chase'...the chase of a single whole almond hidden in a sea of wonderfully delicious and sweet rice pudding filled with chopped almonds that both family and friends take serious to the point that amazing devious and deceptive tactics are employed to deceive all participating until the whole bowl is empty.
And I mean complete participation on a level that make mere mortals make faces and contort as each spoonful is eaten with a sense of anticipation of finding the single full almond in a mouthful of both rise and chopped almonds. 
Best are the faces of those who have never participated in this Juletide ritual. Each mouthful is amazing to see as mouth and eyes concentrate to make sure that each spoonful does not accidentally eat the prized almond. 
The almond may be discovered early on or late in the emptying bowl game. But, all remain silent until the bowl is empty. It's a simply rule. But, one that makes the chase the best part of having this wonderful dessert.
It is at this moment that the hidden whole almond is revealed...and the marzipan piggy is awarded to usher in the new year full of good luck.


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