10 September 2009

::Why Go ‘Topless’?

Personally, I say why not  go 'topless'.  For anyone unfamiliar with the Danish ‘smørrebrød’, these are ‘open face’ sandwiches consisting of only one piece of bread as the base with all the toppings exposed to the elements.  My belief is that once you understand the concept behind these heavenly creations and learn how to make them you will begin to view how wonderful and healthy going ‘topless’ is you. 

First of all, in order to choose this ‘topless’ route we are going to have to dispel some basic ideas about sandwich making.  The main thing you must first do is forget that you will never cover up again.  That’s right…it will be not so much a matter of taking it off – but, never having to put that last layer of bread on again. This idea holds especially true from a health standpoint to only eat one slice of bread over two.  Your will find that not just any type of bread will do as the single slice itself will play an important role in the final layering of the open face sandwich. This is something my husband has laughed at me for years...as I often remove the top lay of bread from any sandwich or hamburger and set it aside in order to enjoy more of my meal than the usual carb filler of bread.  So, perhaps, you will join me, too. Once you accept this idea of the single slice, you will be more than halfway there.

Next, we must rethink the concept of ‘quality over quantity’ with regard to choosing the right ingredients.  Because one’s is exposing the best to the elements, the aesthetics of freshness come into play.  Making the right choice, in terms, of which fresh ingredients to choose from will make all the difference in the final outcome of your creations.  Not all ingredients will be readily available in their final form.  Certain parts of the whole will be done from scratch as they will not be found at the local market.  But, this is a good thing. You will learn the design concepts as to why certain ingredients play off each better than others.  Preparing from scratch will teach you to honor local fresh food items and the time honored skill of preparation.  Once you have learned some of these simple tasks, you will see you ability to create these ‘topless’ joys without hesitation.  And soon you will find how wonderful it is to share this concept with your friends and family.

And finally, you will learn the history of ‘smørrebrød’, how it has evolved into the signature dish of Denmark, of the etiquette involved in menu preparation and of course, in eating these creative delights.


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