02 January 2010

Why Going 'Topless' Continues...

The beginning of each new year always brings promise.  It takes us down the mental path of goals and experiences achieved and not yet realized.  In continuing to go 'topless' with my blog, I hope for those who have occasionally chosen to ponder my musing on danish foods were not too disappointed and perhaps, went away enlightened. I look forward to you further joining me as I explore my passion for bringing this wonderful type of dish to you. 
This first year has been a trying one on my both physically and mentally as I have been hampered by injury and pain. But, I hope that you will choose to remain here...even, if for a visit now and then as I will try to make posts palatable and timely for those of your wishing to share in my kitchen and in the recipes that have become part of my Danish gastronomic heritage.

It's time to continue.

Tusand Tak/Many Thanks!


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