03 February 2010

CHASING CLAUS: MEET MY COUSIN / Mødes Min Fætter...Claus Meyer


Here goes the odd connection between two cousins united by blood and yet, separated by the distance of an ocean and continent.  Where do I begin? Well, I am the one with the mixed pedigree (made in France, born in the US and raised Denmark).  My mother was a full blown Dane.  While my father was a first generation American of Russian origin. This bring us to our cousin, Claus Meyer. He is the real deal (made, born and raised in Denmark of true viking blood).  Outside of mere genetics, there is a little more than bonds us.   We both were born in the same year. Most of all, our mothers were two inseparable women who shared the same independent joie de vive.... along with the same first name, 'Ulla'.  My mother being the older of the two was his mother's namesake. Thus, began our mothers early relationship based solely on the sharing of a name and closeness of age that would translate into our lives becoming intermingled over the years.

Since our mothers were so close, we kids got to know one another over the years and this is where our friendship originates.  (Note: there are pictures somewhere of us that I will have to scan and post - stay tuned).  From a childhood exposed by fine traditional cooking and ingredients (yes, the kitchen was our occasional playground) to that of design for me, two young kids grew up to follow their passions.  Mine would become architecture and design sprinkled with my personal adventures in cooking.  While Claus would fully pursue cooking with a rare passion that has granted him much success in reinventing Danish Cuisine and now sharing it with the world through his cooking series.

So, you see... our cousin Claus is someone that I am rather proud of.  And you will find here in this blog that I will every now and then share with you here how his world has come to effect the world of cooking and that of my occasional ventures in the kitchen.

I hope you will enjoy and not mind, my occasional shameless promotions of someone whom I have seen mature into an amazing chef and man...it will be called "CHASING CLAUS".

Here are some links to help you get acquainted with him and his work:


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