08 September 2010

TOPLESS Video of the Month: 09.2010

Welcome to a new feature called 'TOPLESS Video of the Month' that will become a monthly addition to our posts and will enlighten newbies to the wonderful world of Danish smørrebrød (ala open face sandwiches).  Here you go: some old / some new / some videos hopefully just from me to you.

This month's video is an English interview with Danish chef Katrine Klinken.
Video shown in English/Danish.
Episode #42 – MyDenmarkTV.com from MyDenmarkTV on Vimeo.

Do you like Danish cuisine? If so, this is a must-watch episode of MyDenmarkTV.com. We visited the house of Katrine Klinken, a Danish chef, writer and teacher, to talk about the Danish food particularly smørrebrød, some trends and of course have Katrine make some nice open-faced sandwiches. We eyewitnessed Katrine making 5 yummy and healthy sandwiches.

Enjoy the episode!

1 comment:

  1. I love your site dedicated to Smørrebrød. It is very helpful to watch the video to get ideas on how to proceed when making Smørrebrød.



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