04 October 2010

TOPLESS Video of the Month: 10.2010

Welcome to the 'TOPLESS Video of the Month'....some old / some new / some videos hopefully just from me to you.

This month's video is a short one depicting a sweet little glimpse of a Danish vacation colony kitchen from 1950. 

LANGUAGE: Danish silent home video with text.
TITLE: "Smørrebrød, Feriekolonien Nordstrand ca. 1950"
Vacation colonies have over a hundred year tradition with the Danes. This piece of video history is from Colony North Beach (Feriekolonien Nordstrand) located next to the Kattegat between Rørvig and Nykøbing Zealand.

TRANSLATED VIDEO TEXT: "650 sandwiches must be buttered for the evening meal; in addition to extra ones."



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