24 August 2011


and it's happening in Copenhagen this weekend August 27-28, 2011.
This is no mere annual gathering of foodies in their finest wear sitting  at tables pontificating about the glorious light texture of some dessert. 

Welcome to real food for real people!

Not only does the word ‘mad’ mean food in Danish, it’s double entendre is a wonderful play on the crazed mayhem that will be experienced at this event.
This year’s theme is a play on the wild and organic palette pleaser of nature’s bounty…with PLANT Kingdom!

mad food camp

food camp locationLocated along the Refshaleøen reservoirs at eh old B&W Shipyard, this year’s Festival Square is designed to be like a 55,000 m2 wild meadow.

Get there:
by foot, by sea, by bus or by car….
but, get there!

Masterplan_eng foodcamp

Events will range from fun to the educational with basic events to symposiums along with the MAD Charity Dinner to benefit female Afghan refugees in Tehran.
Click here for the program schedule.

And because I am always so proud of our cousin Claus, here are some of the events that he will be sponsoring via  Meyers Madhus, Køkken, Deli og Bageri.

VEGGIE BLING Workshop for kids!

Saturday August 27 and Sunday 28, 2011 (1pm-4pm)

veg bling kid

Buy a ticket for your child HERE.

Since children can do the darndest thing, here is a great workshop to both let out their creativity and play with their food!
At this Veggie Bling Workshop, kids will have the opportunity to make their own veggie jewelry or veggie ornament. It will be all about bringing out the silly creativity via the use of vegetables.
Children will be supervised as they use simple tools to make their little edible treasures.
Take a picture with your child and send it to MEYERS MADHUS for the competition to win a place on the Culinary Playgroup that is Claus’ cooking school for kids!
Winners will be announced on Facebook and in their newsletter.
veggie bling

 Meyers Bageri (Meyers Bakery) Workshops

food camp rolling pinParticipate in free baking workshop with master baker from Meyers Bakery Nicolai Sagittarius Saturday and Sunday, buy their freshly ground Arnica flour to take home, and taste enchanting bread made of Oland wheat.
Find Grupe & Meyer and Meyer Bakery in the 'taste of corn’ area.
Plus, check out more HERE from Meyers Bageri…with recipes included

Meyers Street Kitchen

food camp street Meyer's Kitchen & Deli offers up street kitchens along with fellow vendors: 22 Allopoulet, Manfred, seasons and Nams cousin.
Here you can buy a dish with a selection of 10 vegetables from our fields in Ballarat, a ‘flæskesteg’ roast pork sandwich and the classic Danish ‘sommeræbletrifli’ summer apple trifle.
You can also meet baristas from Estate.
This sandwich alone is enough to get me to go!

Nordhavn Vinegar Brewery

food camp vinegar Vinegar Master Andreas Harder will remind us of the craft of the micro-brewery. At the festival site you will be able taste some of the new aromatic vinegars.
Find out tips on how you can use vinegar in your cooking.

Andreas will be conducting  mini vinegar workshop both Saturday and Sunday.  Claus is there on Saturday.

Thus, should you be a mere self-professed foodie,  a family wishing to learn more about how good natural food can make a difference in your home, a nutritionist,  chef or simple believe in sustainability of food sources…then, this event is for you.

And yes, event leftovers don't just become compost fodder. The mandate of this event ends with any remaining food items must be donated to humanitarian or cultural causes.
If you are in Denmark and especially, in the area of Copenhagen this weekend...I would highly recommend attending.
See the full schedule and purchase tickets here and click on the right where it says ‘Billeter’ (Tickets) under ‘køb billetter online’ (Buy Tickets Here). 
And should you see our cousin Claus Meyer…
tell him his cousins in California says, “ Hi!”
All images courtesy of Meyers Madhus Newsletter.

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