07 January 2012

CHASING CLAUS: Jailhouse Food Rocks!

Only our cousin would figure out another threshold to cross.

This time cousin Claus Meyer, co-founder of the world’s highest ranked restaurant, NOMA has taken his culinary talents toward start a cooking school in one of Copenhagen's prisons. Instruction will be on how the inmates can grow their own produce and prepare meal under the guiding hands and eyes of one of Michelin's top rated chefs.

Since this is a pilot program, it is anticipated to continue at other prisons nationwide.  Mind you...I would still recommend waiting for a table at one of his restaurants before considering a life of crime to find yourself learning from one of today's modern culinary masters.

Learn more about Claus and his Melting Pot Foundation whose mission is to assist marginalized people via food related projects both in Denmark and abroad.

This is just another good reason...to continue chasing my cousin...since I seem to never know where I may quite find him next.


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