12 January 2012


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Busted blogging...with my topless bread.
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Monterey County Weekly!
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Communication Nation
Compiled by Kera Abraham, Mark C. Anderson and Mary Duan
Photos by Nic Coury

"From niche musings on sandwiches to holistic, holy views of Big Sur, here are some top online voices of the Central Coast.

Weblogs (or, in the vernacular, blogs), launched in the ’90s with a small and dedicated band of geeks, and they’ve never really fallen out of fashion. They’re the modern version of water-cooler chat. Hell, they’re modern versions of cave paintings. With a little typing and the click of a “post” button, anyone can do it— but not everyone can do it well. It takes planning and skill to write something personal but with greater meaning, and it takes relentless drive to do it week after week, month after month and for years on end. Here we toast some of the best bloggers of the Central Coast, and ask them why they do it in the first place.
Topless Bread
www.toplessbread.blogspot.com By Karen Lesney, associate at the architecture firm of Jerrold E. Lomax  

the inspiration  
Lesney’s beginnings read like a romance novel: made in Paris, where her G.I. father met her mother at a Halloween Party in 1959; born in Rhode Island; and raised through second grade in Denmark, to which she returned in college to train in architecture.

Lesney writes about the food of her childhood—the open-face Danish sandwiches known as smørrebrød—as a means of connecting to her heritage, and as a means of recuperation.

A former discus and javelin thrower, Lesney, 48, woke up on Christmas Eve 2007 and found she could barely move. A disc in her back had ruptured, and overnight, easy stuff like walking and breathing became painful.

“I went from blogging about architecture to blogging about food,” she says.
The Great Dane: Karen Lesney, architect
associate and Danish foodie, muses on the
single-slice sandwiches of her childhood
at Topless Bread. “It represents a return to
original ingredients, a sustainable approach
away from fast food,” she says.
“This food in particular fell out of fashion in Denmark, because globalization made it seem like peasant food. But now it’s come back, and it’s popular among young urbanites, and their kids are bringing it back to school.”

A single slice of bread, a smear of butter and toppings of meat, fish or cheese, and an array of produce, arranged like a beautiful still-life: there’s really nothing peasant about it. (Especially when Lesney reveals one of her partners in sandwich love and frequent blog guest, her cousin Claus Meyer, holds two Michelin stars as chef/owner of the restaurant Noma in Denmark.)

the excerpt (Jan. 6, 2012)  
I have attended many an architecture leadership conference, and the number one answer to making the public be more aware and understanding of architecture is to teach that you have to start with the kids first. They will grab it and grow more enlightened.

Back when I was attending school in Denmark as a kid, I completely took for granted what I was preparing for myself in the morning. I simply did what the adults were doing. I did not realize until we came to the States when I was 9 years old that there was a huge difference in how common age groups ate.

I don’t believe our mother was careless with our lunches. But, we started eating like little Americans and somehow along the way we started growing not just Nordic tall, but American wide. We simply started eating double the carbohydrates (two pieces of white, processed bread) to our previous, single slice of multigrain bread.

Back in the ’70s this is all that was available, and it was not until the “granola generation” brought about a change to the American diet that multi-grain returned to the bread shelf. When these ingredients became more readily available, our eating habits changed, as well as our girth.

Think of this as intervention of the stealthy kind. You read this, and apply it at home. Heck, even make your own lunch look healthy and appetizing, then they will want to do the same. Though I have no children, think of it as covert parenting skills."
mini topless bread sandwiches shown 
(left to right):
egg / salami / potato / liver pate / cheese
DIY Recipes to follow!


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  1. little clarification on mention of claus in above article. i only post little news tidbits on him via my column called 'chasing claus'. though he is aware of my blog, he has yet to directly be a guest blogger...that will be my goal for 2012!



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