14 December 2013

24 Days of Danish Christmas : 14 : Kræmmerhus / Cones

A Danish tradition remains from another era...remains.

As a child I first saw these little paper conical envelopes as part of going to the local grocery or special candy store. With a single large coin or handful of small change, the owner would take our money, evaluate the amount for us and then, go rip off a piece of special glossy paper from which he would make a cone to hold our treats. We would point out the ones we wanted until our little cone was near full. But, if we were extra good they always added an extra piece for us that made us smile.

Because we knew these shapes from throughout the year, we knew come Christmas Eve if we saw them hanging from the tree that even better treats were awaiting us.  But, instead of a simple conical shaped envelope closed off at the end with tape...these special holiday ones were made of beautiful paper and decorated.

Make them together with the family...and surprise the children by filling them with little treats for Christmas.  It is these wonderful decorations that I wish to share with you in the Danish  Kræmmerhus!


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