15 December 2013

24 Days of Danish Christmas : 15 : Getting 'Hygge'

It's a yearly phenomenon.

First the leaves fall from the trees...and then, the darkness starts to take over the days with shorter moments of sunshine. It is no wonder that in northern Europe - and especially, in Denmark that a tradition was developed to combat a season gone dark with something to bring bring light to simple gatherings.

It's a rather primitive idea. With just the lighting of a fire or in this case, candlelight...you create the element that has gathered humans together since we first were drawn to it's warmth. This is the basis for the Danish tradition of 'hygge'...where our human instinct to gather around light is redefined by candlelight where friends and family make the passing of the winter months...'cozy'.

Make the tradition of 'hygge'...your own.

safety note: remember never leave candles unattended...it's easy to blow them out and relight them again.


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