17 December 2013

24 Days of Danish Christmas : 17 : Gravad Laks / Cured Salmon

It's seems typical that the one fish that is truly known for going against the mainstream would be the independent salmon. Strong and adverse to those around them...they are known for their ability to withstand both cold and the critics who would say...'Hey, you are going the wrong way!'

For Scandinavians and especially, Danes the yearly homemade cured salmon is a house speciality. Each home will make it just about the same way with only the slight subtly of each household's own taste. All recipes are based on the same principles. But, it will be the slight personal adjustments of timing and fresh herbs that will make this seemingly daunting recipe an easy winner in your household.

You don't have to be Nordic to appreciate a nice homemade version of what the local deli sells. Find yourself a nice fresh wild catch (avoid farm raised), use the freshest herbs to allow it to cure until christmas and you'll have your own version homemade of Gravad Laks.


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