18 December 2013

24 Days of Danish Christmas : 18 : Rødkål / Red Cabbage

Most cultures have their basic condiments for special dinner occasions. Americans have their cranberry sauce. However, Danes have their own red version, too. 

For them cooked red cabbage with their warm meals as all the flavors on their plate of potato, gravy and meat...almost dictate this combination. Most Danes today will simply buy a jar of what was once a homemade household item in the pantry.

However, when the holidays roll around...the majority of modern Danes are returning to their roots and opting for homemade over the ease of simply opening a jar to their family and guests. Here is where the idea serving your guests the best on such a special occasion comes to play.

Making your own homemade version is a rather simple task that only takes a while to complete. Call it the 'cook down' of all the wonderful ingredients - but, by making it yourself you'll understand and appreciate how making this dish in advance will make it easy for you the day of your dinner and will pleasantly surprise your guests with the wonderful aromas and flavors this recipe provides.

So, make your homemade Rødkål / Red Cabbage today!


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