01 December 2013

PERSONAL UPDATE 02: Nordic for Health

dear TOPLESS BREAD followers:

again...i owe you all an apology for being off the TOPLESS grid with posts.

as you may recall, i had a stupid fall back in february 2011 that not only effected an existing back injury (mid-thoracic)... it has since caused me to suffer from chronic occipital neuralgia.

so, please be patient with me and i will resume once energy is high and pain is low.

two things...one nutritionist has changed my diet to be completely Nordic...which is a nice way of eating like when i was a kid and telling people my doctor won't let me eat 'that' anymore.

so, in response to that little injury of mine... i'll be reusing my 24 day advent calendar posts from two years ago with some updates due to my injury and inability to stay active on the keyboard and computer.

but, i still hope you will enjoy them.



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